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News 2020

September 2020 : published catalogue :

Percorsi : aquarelles, dessins et photos d’Ariane Ellberger par Corinne Charles et Ariane Ellberger

News 2019

Curator of the exhibition The Barraud brothers - Four Swiss realist painters of the 20-30’s
au MORE Museum at Gorssel, Netherlands, 20.I - 12 .V 2019

January 2019 : published catalogue :

De Broers Barraud - Vier zwitserse realisten uit de jaren "20 en 30" by Corinne Charles, with a foreword by Ype Koopmans and an introduction by Marieke Jooren (texts in Dutch), ed. Lecturis

NEWS 2018-2019

Course for students of Atelier Hermès, School of Interior Architecture and Design

Preparation of the exhibition The Barraud Brothers – Four Swiss Realists from the 20’s and 30’s
at the Museum MORE in Gorssel, The Netherlands, 2019

NEWS 2015-2017
Course for students of Atelier Hermès, School of Interior Architecture and Design
HISTORY OF DESIGN (19th - 20th century)
HISTORY OF ARCHITECTURE (4th - 20th century)
HISTORY OF DOMESTIC INTERIORS (Antiquity - 20th Century)

NEWS 2013-2014
Public course. Location: Sion, House of Valais. February-March 2014.
HISTORY OF DESIGN (20th Century)

Information and registration: Association of Art and Crafts of Valais.

NEWS 2012

December 2012: publication of the book:

Chests and caskets from the Middle Ages - Collections of the Museum of Valais History by Corinne Charles and Claude Veuillet

Led under the auspices of the Museum of History, this pioneering study is the result of twenty years of research conducted by Corinne Charles (art historian) and Claude Veuillet (conservator-restorer) on the medieval furniture of the Valais collection. Nourished by research carried out across Europe, the first volume exposes the cultural, historical and technical context of the manufacture of the pieces. Richly illustrated, the second volume lists the catalogue raisonné of this body of furniture, which includes the prestigious carved liturgical chests of the church of Valère, one of the rare thirteenth-century ensembles preserved in the Western world.
Publication in the series Valère, Art & History, Ed. Hier + Jetzt and Cantonal Museums of Valais. 2 volumes

PDF - 610.6 kb
Valère couverture
Livre "Coffres et coffrets du Moyen Age"

NEWS 2011

Spring 2011  
Exhibition There is more in you – Images of Women in the Middle Ages (13th – 15th centuries, Bilbao 2011, Museum of Fine Arts


Report on Basque TV
(Translation from Spanish)

The image of the woman in the Middle Ages, Bilbao Fine Arts

The Museum of Fine Arts in Bilbao hosts the Hay más en ti exhibition. Images of women of the Middle Ages (thirteenth-fifteenth centuries) gathering forty-eight works of art and pieces of everyday use that women used in the Middle Ages. The pieces become a witness and a reflection of the versatile image that women had at that time : they were embodying good and evil.

During the presentation of the exhibition, Dr. Corinne Charles, curator of the exhibition, warned that, to understand this versatile vision of women, we must take into account « that the iconographic production in the Middle Ages is dominated by men and especially by the clergy ». Thus, in addition to the woman as a model and ideal of virtue (incarnated in the figure of the Virgin Mary), she is also presented as the model of the one who incited to sin (which reflects the figure of Eve). « Misogyny was very important and prevalent at the time, especially in the religious field », as evidenced by the sculptures, altarpieces and religious texts that illustrate the exhibition and in which the woman is considered at the time both as the ideal model of mother and as the woman-incarnation of original sin.

The exhibition also features richly decorated cloth bags, trays, chests, caskets, manuscripts or beauty items, as well as other curious items such as a 19th century chastity belt or an erotic badge, representing a crowned feminine vulva, worn during processions by men.

Fall 2011  
Five lectures at Atelier Hermès, School of Interior Design and Architecture. Public course. PDF


Conference dates: October 3, 10, 17 and 31 and November 7, 2011

Copenhague : Centre d’Architecture contemporaine - Paris : Musée des Arts décoratifs

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Pierre Chareau - Ron Arad - Frères Bouroullec
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