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Quotations upon request. For a quote on a work to be appraised, please send by email one or several photographs of the painting (if possible, one with the signature of the work, in hi-resolution format), as well as its dimensions.

- Expertise of a painting or of an object of art, with or without certificate, for auction houses and for private individuals. Collections Expertise

- Expertise of Swiss painters and, more specifically, Théophile Robert, François Barraud, Aimé Barraud, Aurèle Barraud, Charles Barraud. Various publications, among others in the catalog The colors of melancholy in Neuchâtel painting (1820-1940), from Léopold Robert to François Barraud, Neuchâtel, Museum of Art and History

  Théophile Robert

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- Expertise of medieval furniture. Study of the oldest corpus of medieval furniture kept in Europe for the Museum of Valais History. Presentation to the Swiss Association of Historians of Art, annual conference 2004.

- Negotiations in auctions, purchases and sales

- Management of investment portfolios in art: building collections, researching works, negotiating for purchases

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