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Corinne CHARLES, De Broers Barraud – Vier Zwitzerse realisten uit de Jaren ’20 en ’30. With an introduction by Marieke JOOREN. Exhibition catalog from the Museum MORE in Gorssel. All exhibited paintings reproduced in full page. Book in Dutch. Publisher : Lecturis, Amsterdam.

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Corinne CHARLES and Claude VEUILLET, Chests and caskets from the Middle Ages in the collections of the Museum of Valais History, Sion. Published by Hier + Jetzt (Baden) and the Cantonal Museums of Valais (Sion), 2012, 2 vols., "Valère, Art & Histoire" series, n ° 3. The book has two volumes, put together in a box.
The collection of some forty prime pieces of furniture, kept at the Valère History Museum (Sion), is the subject of a historical, stylistic and archival study by Corinne Charles. Claude Veuillet, conservator and advisor to the "Monuments historiques", analyzes the furniture from the technical point of view (vol.1).
Volume 2 is a catalogue raisonné of this collection of the History Museum, studying each piece of furniture individually. Richly illustrated. At the end of the volume, the two authors shared their knowledge to write a glossary of furniture terms, more specific to construction and decorations of furniture, completed with sketches.
The Museum’s collection is the oldest set of furniture in the world, which has always been grouped and preserved on the same site for which it was made (the fortified church of Valère and the houses of the canons). The two authors worked about twenty years to present this first in-depth study of Romanesque furniture and other late medieval furniture.
Volume 1: 184 pages
Volume 2: 240 pages
More than 260 illustrations, mainly in color.

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Hay más en ti. Imágines de la mujer en la Edad Media (siglos XIII-XV)

Exhibition catalog under the scientific direction of Corinne Charles. Several essays from specialists in history and history of medieval art. Exhibition held at the Museum of Fine Arts in Bilbao, February 7 - May 15, 2011.
Edition of the Bilbao Museum, 2011. Catalog in Spanish and in French, 600 pages, 246 colour illustrations.

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Théophile Robert (1879-1954). In search of harmony

Monograph published on the occasion of the exhibition on the Neuchâtel painter Théophile Robert. Evaluation of his work in relation to the artistic context of the 1920s : Purism and return to classical order in France, New Objectivity in Germany, Italian Novecento.
Ed. Gilles Attinger, Hauterive (NE) 2008, 176 pages, more than 100 illustrations.
Apart: numbered special edition, accompanied by an original drawing by the artist.

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Pharmacies and pharmacists in French-speaking Switzerland in the 15th-16th centuries

First study on the origins of the history of pharmacy in French-speaking Switzerland at the end of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.
Ed. University of Geneva, Geneva 2005, 44 pages, 33 illustrations.

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François Barraud and his brothers / François Barraud und seine Brüder / François Barraud et ses frères

Catalog of the two exhibitions, held at the Kunstmuseum / Winterthour and at the Museum of Fine Arts / La Chaux-de-Fonds, with a contribution of A. Baudin and D. Schwarz. Ed. Kunstmuseum / Museum of Fine Arts, in German and in French, Frauenfeld 2004, 212 pages, 183 illustrations.
Study of the four Barraud brothers, Neuchâtel painters, in the context of inter-war painting.

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For the report on the exhibition François Barraud and his brothers, broadcast on June 7, 2005 (TSR, broadcast La tête ailleurs), click here.


Les couleurs de la mélancolie dans la peinture neuchâteloise (1820 - 1940), de Léopold Robert à François Barraud

Exhibition catalogue at the Seedam Kulturzentrum, Pfäffikon, and at the musée d’Art et d’Histoire, Neuchâtel, under the direction of Alberto de Andrés, essay by Corinne Charles on François Barraud : ""Je ne veux plus peindre, cela fait trop souffrir." François Barraud en 1934"
Printed in Saint-Blaise (NE), in French and in German

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Victor Hugo, interior visions : from furniture to decoration / Victor Hugo, visions d’intérieurs : du meuble au décor

The book presents for the first time an unknown aspect of the talent of Victor Hugo : furniture designer and interior designer. Hugo is both attached to the taste of the nineteenth century (rediscovery of the Middle Ages and arrival in France of Japanese art), but also visionary in its design of an architecture of glass and iron
Paris: Paris-Musées, 2003, 112 pages, 79 illustrations, ed. in English and in French.

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15th century carved stalls. Geneva and the Duchy of Savoy

Detailed stylistic and historical study of the stalls of Saint-Pierre Cathedral and the Saint-Gervais Temple in Geneva. First complete publication of their carved motifs, from photographs made for this publication, after the dismantling and the recent complete restoration of the two sets of stalls. Presentation of neighboring stalls in Switzerland, France and Italy. Publication of the most important archival documents. List of artisans and artists attested as working in Geneva in the 15th century. Medieval glossary of trades and works of art. Directory of technical terms.
Paris: Picard Publishing, 1999, 286 pages, approx. 500 color illustrations.

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